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Is it True Is There an Electronic Cigarette?

If your a smoker and trying to quit or just looking for alternative way to smoke, inLife has found the solution you have been looking for. You read that right! This is a brand new way to get the nicotine you want Safely with out the harmful cancer causing effects of cigarettes.

How It Works

The inLife Elite and Prestige units are comprised of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a cartridge that comes in varying degrees of nicotine content ranging from high, medium, low and zero.  The cartridge contains, water, flavor, nicotine and propylene glycol (a safe food additive).

 inLife Cigarette Device Nicotine Packs

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inLife is a customer acquisition company with a mission to introduce our products to individuals who desire to live a healthier lifestyle.  Our flagship products, the Elite and Prestige alternative smoking devices have created quite a stir in the market place and are changing the lives of many who are using these incredible products.

This REVOLUTIONARY New Product has already changed the lives of thousands of People across the world. Here are just a few examples:

No second hand smoke
As a physician and a surgeon, I am concerned about the health of my patients, family and friends.    When I was introduced to the Elite alternative smoking device, I was instantly impressed, and found, what I believe to be the answer to a common problem.  Here is a product that is safer to use than traditional cigarettes and allows one the opportunity  to replace an unhealthy cigarette habit, with a much safer and healthier alternative.  The Elite delivers a desired level of nicotine, water vapor, flavor and Propylene Glycol through a water mist that looks, feels and tastes very much like tobacco smoke.  The vapor is absorbed through either the mouth or lungs and when exhaled, simply evaporates into thin air.  No second hand smoke, no combustible, no cancer causing agents, or any other harmful chemicals that are so common to cigarettes.  The user is technically free to use it anywhere.  While it is true that nicotine is not for everyone (certain conditions demand that nicotine must be avoided) it is also addictive.  However, the availability of this great product not only improves lives but returns one’s freedom to enjoy choices that were previously causing serious health issues.
– Dr. Arnold Shinder
affects of smoking
I have been actively involved with inLife for several months now. People on my team are as excited as I am! I have NEVER seen a product like inLife in my life!! Being in the Entertainment Industry, I see first hand how many people are addicted to smoking. That is precisely what makes this product so life changing. How many products do you know of that you can take almost anywhere, demo it....and have people instantly curious about it.  That is what happened to me! I believe in inLife's mission of giving people an alternative to the life threatening affects of smoking. I believe that inLife is a "light" in a VERY dark world. There is hope out there for smokers......there is hope out there for those that are struggling financially.....there is something out there that I can be a part of and make a difference in the lives of those I care about....That hope...that inLIFE!!!
- Ray Reynolds
I Love my inLife Elite more than cigarettes
I just want to tell you how great inLife product are.  When I first started using them I was impressed.  The more I used my inLife Elite, the more I was disgusted by real cigarettes. Prior to being introduced to the inLife Elite,  I was about a pack a day smoker.  Since I started using the inLife Elite, I now smoke about 1 cigarette a day.  Even with that, I still put it out about half way through.  One day I was without my  Elite and was having a craving, so I smoked a real cigarette.  I was totally grossed out by the smell and the taste.  I'm glad to say, and I thought I'd never say this, but I Love my inLife Elite more than cigarettes. Now that's a good habit to have compared to cigarette smoking, as far as I'm concerned .  Thank you so much for such a wonderful alternative to the cancer laden cigarettes I've been smoking for 24 years.  In fact, inLife products may have even added many welcomed years to my life.  I have been telling everyone that I care about and anyone I see smoking about this wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes.  In  doing so, I have already helped HUNDREDS of people live a healthier life. The best part is that I get compensated for that and am able to be financially rewarded at the same time.  What a great deal!! Help someone get on a healthier alternative to smoking AND GET PAID!!  I am so thankful to be a part of inLife!

                                                  Paul Sloman
  Hi! I'm Denise and there is no secret that inLife is an amazing and exciting technological breakthrough. I take it every where I go and watch as people literally come up to me asking where they can get one. Each time I see someone smoking, I know that what they are doing is the #1 most preventable death today. I can't wait to show off my inLife. I wake up daily knowing that I am making a difference and maybe just saving someone's life. Being part of the inLife Team has been an "immediate explosive financial reward". Showing others how not to struggle financially is yet another bonus reward and blessing for both them and I! What's really great is I can still run my company and promote inLife doing what I normally do daily. Smokers are looking for a way out and because of the incredible visionaries who started inLife, people now can eliminate Tobacco and the environmental toxins that fill our air without quitting. Thank you for the opportunity. - Denise Donovan

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